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Thread: Almighty Highway Guardrail

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    Almighty Highway Guardrail

    Maiden Rock, Wisconsin, October 19, 2014
    8x10 plywood camera, f250
    1985 expiration date Kodak tungsten corrected Ektachrome, 4 minutes exposure, no filter
    processed in Arista Rapid E6
    levels and color correction in Photoshop

    Who can resist the near to far of a fence or a guardrail in pinhole? My long-suffering wife allowed another stop on the way to our anniversary dinner at the Harbor View for this image. The jury is still out. Is it a keeper?

    "a squid eating dough in a polyethylene bag is fast and bulbous, got me?"
    -Don Van Vliet

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    Hi Earl, yes that is a keeper. Beautiful composition and stylish in every way. I like it.
    Sam H.

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