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Thread: Unit to print paper negs. on carbon tissue

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    I was just trying to ascertain if your exposure lamp was giving enough intensity in the right wavelengths. Sounds like your water processes are good, so work on the exposure, and you should start to see some success. Carbon printing seems like such a simple process, but there are a lot of variables that affect the outcome, so it takes some repetitions to get a good workflow. Keep us informed on your progress.
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    Thanks Earl,
    I've heard from my son and he is expecting the lamps tonite so am thinking of testing exposures with set up as is and extending time till something shows up. If the lamps he's expecting aren't any more powerful than mine I can move the lights in toward center and forward toward copy board a total of about 6 inches,which is about 1/3 closer to the negative as it is presently(not much but every little bit will help).However if he receives 1000 to 1500 watters I'll leave the physical structure alone(just change lamps).

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    Today tried looooong exposures through the lens/mirror and still no luck.One exposure was two hours long(whew!).My best option is if this guy my son has bringing him some lights(somehow he hasn't shown up yet,but son says he will)and they are 1000 or 1500 watt lights.I also need to check my bulbs as they came from an auditorium I suspect they aren't the type with high Kelvin temperature like the one's used as grow lights in a green house.Those bulbs may be a my only other option and I don't know if that will even help.Don't think at this point moving lights a little closer to the copy board will be worth the effort either.Pretty disappointing, but if all else fails I can turn the unit into a contact printer and familiarize myself with shooting litho or X-Ray film in my 11X14 camera,still allowing me to contact carbon prints(so all won't be lost).

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    After some thought. First,I've decided until another light source can be obtained that a rail with a second easel will be attached in the back of the unit and an access opening cut in the upper part of the back to allow projecting from the copy board through the lens onto the new easel location. This will let me print my paper negatives larger than 4X5 (which the reflective enlarger already does).Second ,by exchanging one of the tubular light reflectors for the original parabolic reflectors and having a vacuum printing frame directly below it I can contact print carbon tissue. All this will let me use the unit and still have it intact for possibly later projecting paper negatives on to carbon tissue(hate to give up!).
    In the ongoing search for powerful UV lights have discovered Metal Halide aquarium bulbs at 400 watts and 20,000 K,wonder if these would produce more UV that my current bulbs,certainly are more blue.The quest will continue.
    any thoughts will be appreciated.

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    Finally finished the alterations to the unit.Since prospects for getting larger light sources in the near future aren't good,I've altered the unit to get some use from it it the meantime.First I cut an opening in the back to allow an image from the copy board through to the new projection back.This will allow printing 8X10 and 11X14 paper negatives reflectively. Second by exchanging the tubular light reflector from one of the lights for it's original parabolic reflector and positioning it over a vacuum easel I can contact carbon prints. No sense having the unit setting around taking up space when it could be of use.Here are some pictures.


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