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Thread: Cleveland West Side Market

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    Cleveland West Side Market

    Took this shot of the Cleveland West Side Market at the end of February. Had some issues with my scanner that I *finally* worked out (whew!). Anyways, this was shot on Fuji Acros with my Zero 6x9 (f/235). I like the perspective of this, but also that this was shot at noon on a Saturday and the place was PACKED - you could barely move. But because it was a 6 minute exposure, almost all the people disappeared.


    West Side Market 6.jpg

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    looks great Kier - nice perspective!

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    Really nice shot,amazing that all the people vanished,what a neat technique.

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    Yes, a very nice image!

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    Thanks guys! If you're interested in playing with crowds, here's another thread I did a few years ago displaying another technique I call multi-lapse:

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    That is the beauty and attraction of pinhole; the way it alters time to show what isn't there and hide what is. Yes, great perspective and I like that you leveled the camera to make all the lines converge on the horizon. Thanks for sharing.
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    Looks great.
    Regards Shane
    - Suggestions on how to improve image always welcome

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    Thanks for the positive feedback guys!

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