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    Hi all,
    Bought a body cap for my 500C and drilled a hole with a 45 degree chamfer bit. Then installed one of the Earl's apertures in it. A 0,3mm in this case. Looks like this:
    The cool thing is that you can choose to shoot "lensed" mid roll and even frame it if you use the chimney finder in a sunlit situation like these:img001.jpg
    Fun to shoot pinholes with a "normal" instead super wide focal lenght...0,3 mm rendered pretty sharp shots for the 73mm focal lenght!

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    Very nice! I love repurposing existing cameras for pinholing.

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    looking good!

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    Very nice, Ricardo! .3 mm is perfect for 73 mm, except for close-up and macro work.
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    Wonderful use of a Hassy..
    Regards Shane
    - Suggestions on how to improve image always welcome

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    Quote Originally Posted by earlj View Post
    Very nice, Ricardo! .3 mm is perfect for 73 mm, except for close-up and macro work.
    Pinhole Designer says optimum for 73mm is .36mm. I thought optimizing for closeup and macro work was to make the aperture smaller, so wouldn't .3 already be good for close up, but not so perfect for infinity?

    Or have I been wrong about this all along?

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    Pinhole Designer with a constant of 1,56 give me 67 mm for 0,3mm ( or 0,313 for 73 mm, which is pretty close)

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    Hi, as for the pinhole diameter, it is not so critical or exact as the "optimum" in terms of sharpness depends on wavelength (color) as well... And I like the shots, by the way.
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    According to Brian Young, subject distance is also important. I've been trying to get my head around his article "What Lord Rayleigh Really Said" on According to his table the optimal pinhole size for pinhole-film distance of 70 mm is 0.35 mm, and this gives focus from 0.5 m. All very confusing. Your photos speak for themselves, Ricardo, 0.3 mm is good enough.

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    Right, Barry. All very confusing but I'm pretty happy shooting with the hassy

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