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Thread: My WPPD and some sadness

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    My WPPD and some sadness

    I got a few good polaroids on WPPD, but my beloved polaroid pinhole camera sucked in 3 sheets of FP-100C through the rollers at once. She's always been a cantankerous girl, but I think it's time to convert a new land camera. Here's what I got before she bit the dust. I've not yet cleaned these up for dust and emulsion speckles, so please excuse the dirtiness. Oh - and I found a very accurate reciprocity table for FP-100C and posted it on my blog article for WPPD here

    Kier Selinsky - beehive.jpg

    Kier Selinsky - Chickens.jpg

    Kier Selinsky - Field.jpg

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    Too bad about the rollers, Kier. You were off to a good start!

    And thanks for the reciprocity chart. I will check it out.
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    yeah it sucks. Luckily the antique stores are stuff with Land Camera models 100-350. I have another 335 sitting here, with perfect rollers, but the lens and shutter mechanism still works great so for not it'll stay lensed. On the next one I'll use a turret of pinholes and keep the bellows so I can have an adjustable focal length.

    Yeah keep hold of that chart! The reciprocity on FP-100C is so exponential it's ridiculous.

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