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Thread: WPPD: Slow.

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    WPPD: Slow.

    Having recently dug out my little 6cm x 9cm MDF pinhole camera, I thought I would let it pass some photons. The decision was clinched when I realised that I have no 5x7 or 4x5 holders loaded with anything light sensitive at the moment, but I had a small 6x9 Graflex back with some paper in it.

    The rain held off yesterday luckily, but there was plenty of clound. A 20 minute session of the stone tortoise by our pond yielded some images

    F/185 0.2mm pinhole 37mm focal length. 20 minutes exposure onto Ilford MGIV VC paper negative (pre-flashed and through a yellow filter). Negative developed to completion and then scanned.


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    I like it Evan, focus and no focus, slow, and fast. And Mr. Tortoise has a bemused expression on his face . . . .
    "a squid eating dough in a polyethylene bag is fast and bulbous, got me?"
    -Don Van Vliet

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    I like it too. Oddly enough, if it had been raining here, I was thinking of trying to photograph my wife's pet turtle ( sometimes he holds still for a very long time, almost like yours! )
    Some photos: Ipernity
    ( pinholes and solargraphs mixed in among the rest)

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    Great exposure! Cheers!

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    Very nice! Pinhole wildlife photography...

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    Aptly titled, nice image to celebrate WWPD
    Regards Shane
    - Suggestions on how to improve image always welcome

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