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Thread: Bleak spring

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    Bleak spring

    The rest of the trip to Mosquito Hill four weekends ago. Apr. 5

    The path above the oxbow between the two docks.


    Last fall they burned off the meadow in order to stimulate germination of the prairie grass.


    Here's the second of two scenes I plan to follow as the progress through the season.


    Then a diversion to Bubolz Nature Center, just north of Appleton on April 12. It's really flat and a good bit of it follows an old railroad right of way. Most of the woods look a little like Mordor, but that might just be in the early spring. Here's an irrigation ditch that follows the old railroad path.


    Then Mosquito Hill again on the 19th.

    The next in the switchback sequence.


    And a patient Sarah reviewing her photographs while she waits for me.


    The rest of that trip and Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day still in process.

    All with the Populist. .15mm pinhole 24mm from 24x36mm frame.
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    Great series, Nick. I especially like # 3 and # 4.
    See my photos at:

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    Yes, I like number 3!
    Some photos: Ipernity
    ( pinholes and solargraphs mixed in among the rest)

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    #3 and #4 do it for me - great job!

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