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Thread: Substituting the light source from daylight to an electronic lighting device.

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    Red face Substituting the light source from daylight to an electronic lighting device.


    Nowadays I'm experimenting with instant(Fuji instax wide) film.

    And since my aim is to get evenly exposed results (and since daylight doesn't seem constant enough for the project)
    I came to consider electronic (or artificial) lighting devices.

    camera's f stop is 237 and the film's iso is 800
    on the lightmeter's f64, iso800 settings getting a light device that tells me 1sec (or perhaps lower) seems to be fine.

    So where should I go from here?

    Any suggestions or comments are welcome.
    Thank you.
    And Thank you in advance.

    (btw if the question does not fit this category please do let me know )

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    I've previously investigated using studio strobes with pinhole, and the data I found was discouraging. Basically what I found was that even the more powerful strobe units would require hundreds of flashes to get the proper lighting. So unless someone else can come up with something I missed, you'll want to go with constant light sources. Probably going to require a fair amount of DIY for light modifiers and such. But the upside is that it's less expensive than strobes.

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    At first, I was considering both strobe or constant LED lightsources.

    (like this one

    Thanks to your advice I'll start with constant light sources.

    And I've never considered going DIY. Your reply gave me an option to think about.

    Thank you.

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    Years ago I used a White Lightning Ultra 1800 for a few 4x5 wide angle pinhole close-ups of a moving subject. The light had to be less than a foot from the subject.
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    This gives me an idea of how strong the light should be.

    Very interesting photo by the way.

    Thank you.

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    Kier, I actually managed a bunch of portraits using just two speedlights. But I was using FP3000b and my pinhole camera is f107.

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