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Thread: Image for comment please

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    No Ned, the snake season is over now. The only fearsome critter is the woman who owns the farm. I believe she's pretty mean. For that reason I took this over the roadside fence. As a matter of principal I never go onto private property without permission. Thanks for your comments.

    Joe and Keir, I'll look into Flikr if I can't do better with sizing. I can see a lot of people use it, but I like to keep things as digitally simple as my poor brain can handle. Wet printing I know about, but unfortunately until I get back there I'll have to put more effort into the digital sphere. One thing I really appreciate about the computer though is spotting - so much better than doing it by hand.

    Tomorrow I'll upload some more shots, after I play around with a bit of cautious digital manipulation. Many thanks again; I'm learning.

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    I routinely create images for the web that are around 900px long side, 72dpi, JPG compressed to 60%. They're generally under 100K.

    Just to round out an understanding: Storage space has never really been our issue. I implemented the 100K restriction when we were getting a lot of spam bots prowling the site. With so many of them rapidly accessing many, many pages we were burning through our traffic limit. Maybe I can revisit this and allow a slightly larger file size. I will investigate.

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