From a foray up to the Cheat River Narrows back in March. (It took a while to get the film processed. My local lab stopped doing 120 film and now I send it out. To save on postage, I wait until I have at least four or five rolls.) From what I remember, it was a cold and rather drab day. There wasn't much in the way of clouds or fog, and the river was high enough that I couldn't explore a lot of angles. So I decided to work low and close with rocks where the flows looked interesting and where there were small trees partially submerged.

Here's the whole roll (in order) that I took with my Zero Image 612B. I used Kodak T400CN film (very good for pinhole). I don't remember the exposures (maybe five or ten seconds, but enough to smooth the water all the way). Light toning and adjustments in Photoshop.