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Thread: Gull Lake Winds

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    Gull Lake Winds

    Back in fall I spent an afternoon wandering along the shore of Gull Lake with a good friend. The wind was very intense and there was certainly no hope of a crisp image, so I let the wind do what it does best – blow. My pinhole needed about 8 seconds for a proper exposure which allowed the trees and grass to move wildly in the frame. Hopefully I didn't post this here already. I couldn't find it, but my apologies if you've seen it already - Zero Image 6x9


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    Very nice!

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    What barry said!

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    I love it when motion is mixed in. nicely done!

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    Thanks for the kind words! It was a bit of a challenge as the winds were so strong. I had to hold down the tripod while I was shooting as it would have blown over. I have one or two more images from this day that I'll try and post real soon. Just need to find some time!!

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