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Thread: The anamorph, continuing exercises

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    The anamorph, continuing exercises

    I am still trying to master the anamorph.
    Mixed feelings: I want to know how this machine renders the images, and get it the way I want.
    But on the other hand it's such a distorted image, that you might as well not try it and be surprised by the results...

    What I do know: if you do everything with anamorph, it becomes a trick, and that doesn't suit every motif...
    That's a comment from within the photo-club, which I can appreciate.
    Nevertheless, there are still some thing that I want to capture with it

    Greetings, Danny

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    I can see the problem. Certainly I think most subjects would not suit, but knowing which ones do... I'd say keep going, Danny; when you can read the camera better you should find some very unique images.

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    I sometime think curved back cameras yield compositions that are too similar, and draws attention to the geometric properties of the camera rather than the composition of the image. Can't say I see that here. Both great compositions, utilizing those distinct camera properties. Looks like something Alice might have run into in Wonderland.

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    Every photograph is a mapping of 3-space onto a 2 dimensional plane. Some of the mapping functions are more conventional than others. Pinhole cameras give us more to choose from in defining the map function . . . .

    Anamorphs are very rich food - a taste now and then is nice, but I wouldn't want a steady diet of them.
    "a squid eating dough in a polyethylene bag is fast and bulbous, got me?"
    -Don Van Vliet

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