A while ago, I posted a start I'd made on making a pyramid camera out of paper mache. Unfortunately, it got heavier than the MDF former I was using as a mould. So, I decided to use the MDF instead. First picture shows the pyramid's sides being glued. Second shows the pyramid truncated - the 'capstone' acts as a shutter/lens cap. Three shows the tray which forms a drawer (along with a pair of rails) that the darkslide slides in and out of. Four shows the pinhole (skink 0.49mm) installed in a mild steel plate. The cap has magnetic plastic stuck to its bottom so it clings to the plate. FIve shows the camera on my UniLoc tripod (the best tripod I ever bought). Six - front view. Seven shows it ready for a shot.

Originally, I conceived the idea of a pyramid for direct positives. I will install a right angled prism so I get the reversal corrected.

The camera has a 12.5 cm focal length, f255.Pyramid pinhole 1.jpgPyramid pinhole 2.jpgPyramid pinhole 3.jpgPyramid pinhole 4.jpgPyramid pinhole 5.jpgPyramid pinhole 6.jpgPyramid pinhole 7.jpg

I will post test shots when I get my darkroom sorted out. I plan to do paper negatives and gum bichromate prints. By the way, I inherited boxes of expired 10x8 Ilford RC paper, but also about 5 litres of X-ray film developer. Does anyone know if I could use it for paper - maybe at a higher dilution? Any help appreciated. Cheers.