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    Populist Restoration*

    I've been carrying the same camera around for about nine years.

    The shutter was done following the original Populist directions, so it pulled out if you weren't really careful. I tried a few modifications to the original shutter to keep it coming right out when you opened it, but neither was particularly reliable. After the last one failed for the umpteenth time and i lost the little piece of wire. and the shutter completely, I removed the original and replaced it with a three layer sliding shutter.


    The printed view finding lines were always wearing off. I tried covering them with clear tape on a couple other cameras, but I've come to the realization that a 3D object makes it easier to mentally project a line than those 2D lines, so I stuck some beaded pins Sarah gave me on to define the angle of view.


    I finally painted the wooden dowel winder with some flat black Krylon I had laying around from making tin can cameras to get that professional black body look. A little reinforcement with some new 3M #235 and I think I might be ready to go for another nine years.


    *Does this title remind anyone else of Charles the Second.
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