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Thread: Cyanotypes - first attempts

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    Cyanotypes - first attempts

    Been a member for a while but looks like I have never posted. Perhaps I can bring this sub-forum back to life. I have just gotten started on coating my own cyanotypes (classic formula) and I am so thrilled with my initial results. First ones are from 4X5 negs.

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    These next three from 8X10 negs - the paper is not that yellow - didn't do a good job of white balancing when taking a picture of the finished products

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    Those are great, and I especially like the latter set with the warmtone paper.

    I've seen some very enchanting cyanotypes that have been toned with tea, and it can take on a very brownish hue, not at all bright blue like straight cyanotype. If I ever try my hand at it, that's what I'd shoot for.

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    Joe, when I purchased my chemicals I also got some tannic acid, which is used for just what you are referring to - the brownish tint. I have toned some pre-coated cyanotypes before, in strong tea or coffee and had some success. I will try my tannic acid some day soon and report back...but for now, I am enjoying the blues

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    A few from 5X7 negs -

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    All very nice, Randy. Welcome to f295!
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    Thanks Earl, I am really enjoying this process.

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    Love the one with the cars.

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    Great, Randy.
    What's your choice of papers?

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    Thanks guys. Ricardo, not being familiar with all the choices of paper and having no idea what would work, I went with the less expensive Stonehenge 110 lb. It has a very slight cream color but went more white after drying. I am happy with it but I have nothing to compare it to, and likely won't because I like to (have to) spend as little as possible on my hobby

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