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Thread: First try with 6x17

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    First try with 6x17

    Bought me a 6x17 by James Guerin / Aux Premier Plan. Yes, it's an amazing piece of gear.
    It's hard to me to "think" 6x17, though. Gotta learn.
    Here's first scan of Arista Edu 100, souped in Rodinal 1:100, semi stand, one hour. And this is new to me, too. I know two variables makes things harder but...

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    Very nice, Ricardo. I'm sure it's hard to get your head around everything. You got it all together - exposure, horizon, developing - well done.

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    Yes the format is quite different to most other cameras. It took me a little time to get used to it but after the 5-6 rolls I've shot on mine it becomes intuitive. Nice image and exposure and think - it can only get better . . . .

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    Nice Job Ricardo! It always makes me smile when I see good images from my cameras!

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