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Thread: a couple from stony gorge, ca

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    a couple from stony gorge, ca

    took the long way back from Chico, and went through Stony Gorge and Bear Valley,
    a fairly untraveled part of California, providing a quiet seldom heard around here at least.

    Not the greatest images, bu I was glad to at least get outside and expose some film
    I need to rethink my whole fence-in-the-foreground motif, but for now I'm still enamoured of it...

    homemade 8x10 pinhole, hp5 in xtol, neg scans, toned in PS.

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    Very nice, particularly the first one, just the way the fence spreads out. What focal length of the camera, looks pretty normally like 200 -300mm
    Regards Shane
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    Lovely! You see the 8x10 difference even in pinhole. I've been thinking of making an 8x10, but Yikes! the price of film!!! I guess there's always paper negatives, but even paper is getting to around a $ per sheet. We have an expensive hobby.

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    Loving the first image. fence and the movement in the clouds.

    Have to love 10x8 negs - just waiting to get some time to build one for myself.

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    Fences, a good choice at any time! Nice swirly sky and beautiful tonality. I like the contrast between including the whole corner and cropping out the bottom in the second photo. There is something about getting closer and including less that adds a sense of (mystery) to the image.
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    Robert Frost said "good fences make good neighbors."
    Fences are often portrayed much more effectively in pinhole photographs than in lens photographs.
    Having said that, not every good pinhole photograph includes a fence.
    These are very nice, however.
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    Very nice. I especially like the first image. The fencing definitely "works". Great tones too.
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    Great images. I’ve been wanting to get out and do more pinhole work, and these are inspiring me to dust off the 8x10 and go!

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