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Thread: New Cameo 55 Camera

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    New Cameo 55 Camera

    It has been years since I designed/built a new camera. Here is the Cameo 55 that I just finished. My goal was to see how small a camera I could make for 120 roll film. I achieved a pretty tight package, but the field of view, at about 110 degrees is too wide, more on this below. The body is made of aluminum and cherry, dimensions 2" x 3" x 4". That's the body, the winding knob sticks up about 5/8" making overall height 4.625". This is less than half of the volume of my earlier Cameo 637 (more at: ). The square negative of the 55 (approx. 55mm x 55mm) is about 50% larger than the rectangular negative of the 637. This yields 12 negatives per 120 roll. With a .22mm (approx) pinhole in the camera it is around f90. Here are some images. The field of view (110 deg) is wider than I'd like because it introduces more than 2 stops of light fall-off between the center of the neg and the corners. This owes to the short distance between the pinhole and the film plane, and the eclipsing of the pinhole at the edges of the image. I will post some images over in the BandW forum where you can see the extensive vignetting. They are here:
    Front, back and closeup of the shutter:
    a_Cam55 Front.jpgb_Cam55 Back.jpgc_Cam55 Shutter Detail.jpg
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