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Thread: Q: Things that are expected when not painting a brown interior of a camera black.

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    Q: Things that are expected when not painting a brown interior of a camera black.


    I'm made a pinhole camera with brown matt (yes, the same materal that boxes are made of) paper.

    It's a very delicate design and I guess it's too late to color the interior black.

    I'm using instax wide(Fuji version of Polaroid)

    And its light tight so there won't be any lights coming in from anywhere but (of course) the pinhole.

    What should I expect? Would the light from the pinhole hit the walls and bounce to the film and make it messy?

    Any opinion is welcome,

    Thank you in advance.


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    I would expect some reflection from the walls, but whether you would see the effect of it on the film is difficult to say. Reflection from the inside surfaces is not only dependent on color, but on texture also. Any reflection may result in flare or color cast in your images. Since it's too late to paint it black, the only thing you can do is try it. Let's know the result.

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    Barry, thanks for your comment.

    On my way home I bought some Black ink to dip the inner part of the camera.
    If the camera morphs too much while putting black ink I'll have to go all the way back to the beginning and try taking photos with the brown paper surfaced camera.
    I'll post the result anyhow.

    After all those years the project linked below is what I'm still working on.
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