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Thread: Green Tea toned Cyanotypes

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    Green Tea toned Cyanotypes

    This is printed on Canson 55lbs Vellum and toned with green tea after a brief bleach.
    I'm surprised by the tone and the almost not staining of the paper base.

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    Great! I really need to try printing on vellum... I'll bet this is lovely in person.
    Some photos: Ipernity
    ( pinholes and solargraphs mixed in among the rest)

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    +1. Lovely image. Did you use the traditional cyanotype or Dr Mike Ware's new formula?

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    Thank you, guys.
    Yes, Ned, much better in your hands, as always. I'm in love with vellum. But is a pain to wet processing, tough.
    Barry, this is the new formula.

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