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Thread: Redscale Bridge

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    Redscale Bridge

    I recently tried a roll of Lomo Redscale film. I used it in my Blind Wino 618 camera. It was a pretty morning down at the bridge, but not as super-foggy as I hoped (red fog seemed like something to go for). But the fog only gets thicker as we head into Fall.

    Interesting results, I think. The initial scan was VERY red, so I tried taming it a bit using the Old Style setting in the Hue/Saturation adjustment in Photoshop and working up from there.


    See my photos at:

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    Definitely an interesting look. Seemed to work out really well with the top image.

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    Really interesting pictures,think you are causing me to think seriously about trying some wide images,but I'm enjoying your's for now.Thanks for sharing.

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