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    There's a convocatory for editing a colective latin-american photobook focused at Architecture right now. And I was thinking in take part of it, shooting elements that reflects the fear we're feeling of ourselves in Brazil these days. "Architeture of Fear". People are building higher and higher walls and topping them with glass shafts, "Auschwits style" barbed wires etc. Closing themselves in condos with guards and cameras. Nasty stuff. Chasing the scenes -with a pinhole camera, sure- I saw that and was so disturbed that misloaded the 6x17. The usable part of the frame is show:

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    Hey Ricardo… it’s definitely a thought provoking image. Although we can’t see everything going on, it still conveys a feeling of uneasiness (partly based on your description of what’s happening). Even with the film loading issue, you were still able to capture a nice image.

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    Everything went wrong. Screwed in framing. Acrobatical set up. I had mounted one tripod over other tripod to get to the top of the 10 ft high damn wall and stepped over a not so firmly grounded aluminum ladder to open the shutter. All this while explaining to the house owner what good is in picturing dead birds and why my camera is an unbranded box. And the worst is the bird was removed now. By him or a hungry cat is the question that remains.

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    hard to see what's going on here. I like the concept - take it to the next level.
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    It is disturbing for sure but compelling at the same time.Agree with Earl"like the concept".

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