After a long period of very careful thought and consideration I wanted to you know that effective immediately I will begin an indefinite hiatus from F295, and in the not so distant future nearly all F295 activities will cease (most likely including the forum). F295 was (somewhat accidentally) founded in 2004 as a simple online forum style website that brought people from around the world together - a sort of social media before social media- and grew in ways I never imagined. Over the past 11 years I have been fortunate to meet a lot of terrific people, visit some wonderful places, and see a lot of really great work. The F295 symposia & seminar series brought, more people than I ever dreamed, physically together in one place to hear over 120 (roughly) unique lectures by some amazing artists, see some great exhibitions, and participate in a terrific workshop series that educated hundreds and hundreds of individuals (many of whom have gone on to create fantastic work, have terrific exhibitions, and pass skills along to their students). The amount of time, effort, and sacrifice put into F295 was great; perhaps too great. Many thanks to my wife Cindy and my sons Sam & Nate for their patience and sacrifice over the past 11 years -- I am forever in your debt. Thanks to those of you who have been a part of F295. You are a special group of artists/people and I am honored to have worked with you! Onward! (btw, if you're hiring let me know!)

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Thanks again to all of you! What a terrific time we've had!