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Thread: Retry to post some images

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    Retry to post some images

    When I go into f295, I get all sorts of issues these days...
    Reply to a post returns a "wait 30 seconds between replies" message (but I only did 1 reply), some technical warning messages on the upper lines of the window...

    Lets' see if I can post some images again.
    They are from my latest holiday in Bretagne, and from a trip to Zeche Zollverein, an old mining complex in Germany

    No... same issue, they don't get uploaded fully, nothing visible.
    Still did not find out how remove old uploads to free some space. Will try again later.
    I have deleted images from within my personal page, but when goig to the "manage attchments" part of a entry post window, there's the same effect: many, many images to choose from, and upload new images has no result...

    So You'll have tot visit my site once and a while to see new images :-)
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Light, what else?

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    Nice images, Danny.

    Regarding posting images, be sure to use the image URL that begins with "HTTP" and ends with ". JPG", and encapsulate it in the BB code "[ I M G ] url [/ I M G ]" thusly (but without the extra spaces I had to add).

    If you're linking from places like Flickr, they add extra code in the image link, which I will usually strip out. I copy the code, paste it into a text editor, strip out the unwanted code so what's left is as I explained above, then copy & paste the finished code into my posting.


    PS: It's also possible that Tom has disabled image posting, or perhaps some glitch developed with the site.
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