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    another project

    I've an additional piece of equipment to add to the 11X14 camera build listed in the "Lens based Camera Build "threads on this forum.Utilizing an art portfolio type case to carry the film holder,dark cloth,loupe,etc equipment for the camera,I thought it would be nice to have a collapsible dark bag to allow reloading my one 11X14 film holder in the case as well. So a custom made dark bag is on my "to do" list soonest.

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    After a lot of things getting in the way I finally cobbled up a portable dark loading box for the 11"X 14"camera as figured it would be easier than building another film holder or two. Typically(for me) it's made of double thickness corrugated cardboard since it is a prototype.We had just received a replacement" Sleep Number" bed and the boxes were just what this job called for.It has two sleeves made of cotton sleeves from a knit shirt for a lining with two thicknesses of black plastic trash bags around the outside for light tightness.It's 36" by 24" by 6" thick when folded up,easily carried.When in use it will set on the camera for support.

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    Here are some pics...

    The drop down door in the back is for inserting and removing the film/paper and it's holder for loading and unloading.
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    Great idea, Don. The ideas and the projects just keep coming. Keep it up .

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    Very creative, Don. Your darkbox design suggests a way to build a pinhole camera inside. Very cool.

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    Thanks for the kind words Barry.I'm hoping to slow down"building stuff" and start making pictures with some of them.Of course the continuing rain and humidity here isn't encouraging that too much.Even when it stops the remaining muddy quagmire doesn't seem to lure me out of the air conditioning...
    Dang it Joe! I just said I wanted to slow down building and you have to go and suggest the dark box could be a pinhole camera. I've been trying to come up with a way to curve the film plane on my 11 X 14 camera and it would be much simpler with the dark box configuration. Here we go again,LOL!
    PS did y'all notice the new larger wheels on the camera carriage?
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