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    The path to ...

    I recently came across a box of about 100 4x5 pinhole negatives developed over 12 years ago when I lived in the Texas hill country. At the time I was using Bender and Leonardo wooden cameras as well as a Crown Graphic for pinhole photos and now have no idea which camera was used for specific shots. Since I had given my enlarger to a camera club years ago I then resurrected an old CanoScan D2400U. Two great free Christmas presents from me to me. This is one of the first negatives processed. Not a clue where it was made nor the exposure but the film was tri-x. Terry
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    Nice shot Terry.I'm not familiar with the cameras but imagine they had quick shutters to enable shooting Tri-X.Looking forward to seeing more...

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    blindpig, I stand corrected. Checking the notch code the film is Tmax professional not tri-x. Neither wooden camera had conventional shutters but one did have a wood plate that could be swung over the pinhole. I think the exposure times were typically around a minute. I used a Soligor hand held spot meter which surprisingly still works after setting with batteries in a box for 12 years. Terry

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    Very nice photo, I like the leading line and composition.
    Sam H.

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