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Thread: Texas Hill Country

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    Texas Hill Country

    Two more scenes around Kerrville from my "lost" box of Tmax 4x5 negatives. I noticed that the 100 sheet Tri-x box they were stored in had cost me $20.85. I must be getting old?? Terry
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    Darn nice, Terry !

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    Thanks for the comment Barry. I've always felt that part of the state has the most photographic potential.

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    Very nice tones, and I love the almost-circular image space; reminds me of the early, early Kodak Brownie cameras.

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    Really nice Terry. I agree with you it's a beautiful area,I've family close to Dripping Springs and always enjoy the scenery.

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    Thanks Joe. These were made with the Bender wooden camera. The lens board could be positioned for either 33mm or 87mm focal lengths but with the shorter FL a lot of the view was lost due to the thickness of the board so I increased the hole diameter (not very uniformly) with a small round file. Thought about cropping it out in the prints but then decided I liked the effect -- like standing inside the camera looking out. Terry

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