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    stand processing

    Has anyone tried simi-stand or stand processing to lower contrast in paper negatives? Would like to hear/see results you might share.

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    I never have. One thing I often do that is compensating:

    I process most paper negatives in a plastic pitcher ( it has a nice-fitting lid that does not leak, an it's transparent plastic so I can see what's happening ):

    pre-soak, then put it into the pitcher, then pour in the developer and roll it back and forth so the developer flows over the paper.

    I usually try to put the paper in so that the sky will be "up" and the shadows "down".

    If the image appears quickly then I'll stop letting the developer flow over the sky and keep it rolling over the shadows... the sky needs to get enough developer on it to avoid uneven development marks, but that is usually done by around 30 seconds. On pinhole, where sometimes things are very dark away from the center, I can overexpose a little and then develop the corners longer to bring out detail. By tipping the pitcher this way or that, there is a lot of control over what part of the negative is receiving fresh developer.

    Another would be "water processing" which is a lot like semi-stand development. There was a post about that at APUG today. Never tried that either!
    Some photos: Ipernity
    ( pinholes and solargraphs mixed in among the rest)

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    Thanks Ned,
    You seem always to have some great suggestions.
    Things are finally slowing down here for me(meaning annoying appliance break downs)and we are experiencing unusually warm weather Sooo working in the darkroom isn't as uncomfortable as it has been.Am hoping to undo the lack of inertia caused by cold/gloomy weather and get back to work on a few projects.

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