Here I go again,I'm about 2/3 of the way through making a 4X5 sliding box camera with front and back tilts.Pretty much the same design as the 11X14 build.
Don't know if it's age related but after building and testing the 11X14 I've not used it that much and find myself reaching for a smaller camera(lazy I guess). So since I have the reflective enlarger which will handle 4X5 size paper negatives,thought why not make a 4x5 camera.
About 50 or more years ago a 4X5 Crown Graphic was my prize possession and my wife bought me a Graphic tripod which will handle the Crown but now days it seems the weight of the camera is causing the tripod some difficulty(some of the very problem I'm having with the 11X14, LOL!). Rather than find a stronger/heavier tripod,opted for the 4X5 build instead.Besides it seems building cameras is becoming one of my favorite things to do(go figure).It's been unseasonably warm here lately so am making hay while it's comfortable in the garage/shop.Will try and take a few pictures later if anyone is interested.