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Thread: at it again

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    Thanks Jon.
    Thanks Ned,springs were cut down from a Baby Brown" process camera set from my stash(throw nothing away,LOL).
    Joe,I agree about"more camera" looks,as for sell 'em and I'll build them(or we build them),OK?
    Pics will be forthcoming.In shake out had a problem with packing pulling out below sliding box and am addressing that now.

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    A quick shot checking for light leaks etc. None found! Not much of a pic but a good test....

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    Nice work!
    The world is not black and white. It often looks good in grayscale, though.

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    That is great for a first camera image! It is a validation of your creative work (both camera and image).

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    Just returned from a longish trip and haven't developed negs(both paper and 35mm film),will soon.
    While visiting son in Las Vegas found i/4-20 thread bellows extension shaft to be a little slow and tedious.Am thinking of adapting a 1/4 lag bolt to replace the 1/4-20 thread as it has about 8 threads to the inch but will require some noodling to make a nut for it. The diameters are close so am hoping it won't require much modification to the camera for the swap.
    More to come.

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