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Thread: New call for upload theme?

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    New call for upload theme?

    I don't know if it's done before, but I think it would be nice to have as a theme for uploads:

    Because pinhole camera's are robust (?), cheap and/or easy replaced, we can take them near or even into places where you wouldn't dare to take your expensive, electronic SLR...
    A garbage can, a kitchen sink, perhaps even a fireplace...
    And it would be nice to see how things look from the inside or almost inside.

    I certainly have something ready...


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    New call for upload theme?

    Once I was on a exhibition of a guy who loaded 35 mm film canisters (transformed to pinhole cameras), put them in glass jars, went out at night, threw them in a pond and collected them the next evening after dark. He called that ART with a big A and therefore the exposition was in an art gallery and the guy charged a fortune for lousy shots.
    Why not do the same with a plastic camera in a (burning) fireplace and sell the remaining ashes as "conceptional art"

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