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Thread: 8x10 camera build project

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    8x10 camera build project

    After making my 8x10 pinhole camera I've really gotten the building bug. So I decided to build an 8x10 camera. I tossed around the idea of a folding field camera, but have decided on a design similar to a Kodak 2D. I thought I'd use oak, but that started to seem like it was going to be quite heavy.

    Tonight I cut some pine boards for the frame. The pine is definitely lighter, but might not end up sturdy enough. We'll see. I'm trying to decide how to joint them. I'm thinking just doing some butt joints with screws to reinforce the joints (or maybe dowels). Is there a better option?

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    8x10 camera build project

    Dovetail joints or the easier to make finger joints can be strong if well made and well glued.

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    8x10 camera build project

    Box or finger joint make a very strong joint. I made these for an 8x10

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    8x10 camera build project

    Well, I tried to do some finger jointing on my router. It turned out a bit much for me, so I'll have to practice a bit before I can do them well.

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