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Thread: nice homebrew 4x5 under $50

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    nice homebrew 4x5 under $50

    The $50.00 dollar 4X5 has had a few mods since the original was finished. It now sports a longer bellows for the Industar 37 lens. I've installed the Packard shutter internally. And gave it a bit of color.
    It will focus the I37 down to 4 feet now. Yet I can still use a 135mm lens if I want. Attached files

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    nice homebrew 4x5 under $50

    Nice! Send that aluminum out for anodizing and people could seriously mistake that for a commercially made camera -- not many homebuilts reach that level, and far, far fewer in the $50 class...

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    nice homebrew 4x5 under $50

    I used a baush & lombe rectiliner from a kodak 3a on my homemade 4x5 camera. The camera is made of a polaroid 250 frame and a lot of Masonite, spit and liquid nail. The total cost is probably 50 dollars including the sacrificial 3a

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