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Thread: Salted Paper Print

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    Salted Paper Print

    Paper: Fabriano Artistico HP 90 lb. natural white
    Salting solution: 2% sodium chloride
    Sensitizer: 12% silver nitrate solution applied with 1.5" wide hake brush
    Image: bank of Mississippi River near Ford dam, St. Paul, MN May, 2004
    Print Exposure: full afternoon sun, time not recorded

    This image is very high contrast. I tried to expose this one enough to get the highlights in the foreground under control, but I didn't quite bring it off. I need that UV penlight to do the burning in. Attached files

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    Salted Paper Print


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    Salted Paper Print

    Damned good first (image) print, anyway!

    You might try a blue LED light for burning in -- or just dodge everything else, like I do with cyanotypes when they need a little help...

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    Salted Paper Print

    Great work! I love it!
    Thank you very much!


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