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    The Hand

    4x5 inch Pringles can pinhole
    3 inch (approximately 73mm) pinhole to film plane distance
    f/256 approximate f/stop
    4 minute approximate exposure time in shaded overcast early morning sunlight
    ISO 100 Fomapan B&W film
    Shot for Pinhole Day
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    The Hand

    oh yes this is lovely.
    exelent details on the hand!

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    The Hand

    Great use of the DoF and distortion. (Kinda scary....)

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    The Hand

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris
    (Kinda scary....)
    Yes, indeed! Very atmoshpheric! Great shot!

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    The Hand

    wow! great detail on the hand, and such a sinister composition! like it alot!

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    The Hand

    I always see images from the top first, as I scroll down...about 1 cm of a photo shows until I drag the (navigation bar?) down.

    The first thing that caught my attention was an out-of-round bicycle wheel...first I'm a little amused, then I see someone sprawled on the ground,

    and then I imagine the sequence...

    riding a bike over a bridge, no hands on the handlebars because it (obviously!) takes two to peel an apple...

    The boards sticking up or wet leaves must have sent the rider into the railing...leaving an out-of-true wheel and the apple rolled away.

    Moral: Prepare snacks before hitting the road!

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    The Hand

    Thats a great shot! Lovely contrasts! Is that a fishing knife? Wer eyou fishing that day too?

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