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Thread: Leika 8x10 Hyperfocal Camera

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    Leika 8x10 Hyperfocal Camera

    Prototype of a "Leika" 8x10 hyperfocal fixed focus camera.

    film holder to lens distance - 189 mm
    f/128 (smallest f consistant with a "sharp" photograph assuming no enlargement - gives maximum depth of field eg. Edward Weston) - 1.5 mm
    lens; 50 mm diameter cemented archomat with a focal length of 180 mm
    this gives everything from about 6 feet to infinity in focus Attached files

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    Leika 8x10 Hyperfocal Camera

    the lens with f/128 stop

    Attached files

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    Leika 8x10 Hyperfocal Camera

    2 boxfiles and a pack of black foamboard for the camera body, some kind of plastic tube spray painted flat black for the lens tube (has a 2mm inner step on which the lens sits), a strip of foamboard which has a series of perpendicular cuts allows it to be be bent into a circle and fitted into the lens body as a inner mounting ring.

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    Leika 8x10 Hyperfocal Camera

    any images from this or your ulf pinhole yet?

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    Leika 8x10 Hyperfocal Camera

    ULF - sounds Scandinavian, eh?

    Con- I like your stress-relieved fomaboard gasket idea.

    Another method I've seen is pvc pipe cut into thin spacers, then a short section removed so it can be compressed then released inside another tube.

    What is the perforated metal surface, your optical bench?

    Looks good.


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    Leika 8x10 Hyperfocal Camera

    thanks. i took me some puzzling to come up with my idea for the inner mounting ring but seems to work fine. thanks also for the other idea using sections of pipe, never would have thought of that! hope to have some test shots soon. i have no idea of the image circle of the lens or how well it will it will work but based on JoeVanC's excellent foamcore/ binocular lens camera hopefully it should give an image circle of at least 7 inches with acceptable sharpness.

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    Leika 8x10 Hyperfocal Camera

    Joe's excellent camera - my inspiration!

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    Leika 8x10 Hyperfocal Camera

    Nice design. Now run some paper negatives through it and see what happens. Don't be surprised if you have to make some focus adjustments, that's just part of the fun.

    My binocular lens box that you referred to uses 2 halves that nest together, so it telescopes in and out for focus. But as the title of your post implies, with a hyperfocal camera you just "set it and forget it" (apologies to Ron Poppiel).

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    Leika 8x10 Hyperfocal Camera

    thanks joe,

    i have a coupleof test shots and ill post them in the b/w section shortly


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