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Thread: Just starting

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    Just starting

    Yeah, hopefully a smart seller sees the value in giving up dust for dollars.

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    Just starting

    I haven't seen a consignment store at all here. They're typically pretty picky what they take in, and carry only the higher end stuff, since they're contributing shop space but only get paid when the item sells.

    The problem I've seen with second hand stores here is they almost never have anything other than junk. I did see a very nice SX-70, still in original box, not too long ago, but it was more than I was willing to spend at that time and when I went back the next time it was gone -- and that shop has changed hands at least once since then. For the most part, there are the very few cameras at Carolina Thrift, priced out of sight if they aren't obviously broken (they had an Argoflex EM for $40, with so much haze in the viewing lens it was impossible to focus), the very few at Goodwill that are primarily the junk they don't think they can sell on the online auction, and nothing else.

    'sokay, I have too many cameras already...

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    Just starting

    I have a few good second hand stores. Pricing is sometimes... remarkable, but few items are extremely overpriced... Yesterday I went to a classic camera store and they had a box full of untested cameras, 10$ each. Some worked, some didn't. Might go back there.

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    Just starting

    $10 each for untested cameras is likely to include one or two real bargains, a couple that are about right, and a number that will eventually wind up on the "please take these" shelf for $1 to $2...

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