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Thread: pinhole/Polaroid transfer?

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    pinhole/Polaroid transfer?

    Reading this ( on Polaroid transfers, either direct from Polaroid or shooting a slide with the Polaroid, got me thinking. What if one used the renowned depth of field of pinhole (ie, no focusing) with slides and then did transfers? I am in the midst of retrofitting/improving a Polaroid camera to take a pinhole so this might be something to try.

    Has anyone else done this?

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    pinhole/Polaroid transfer?

    I have converted a Polaroid Land camera model 103 into a pinhole. I left the bellows on and took out the lens and other guts. If interrested I can send you photos of the camera.

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    pinhole/Polaroid transfer?

    doing transfers directly from pinhole scares the heck outa me... i would shoot slide film and then do the transfer with a slide printer. but they do look good!

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    pinhole/Polaroid transfer?

    TRB, you could also shoot the Polaroid directly with pinhole, then use a copy camera setup to make transfers by photographing the original print. Much easier to be sure you have the right image in the field using the insty-print, and you still get the "multiple copies" capability. ISTM there's a Model 240 copy camera that shows up on eBay pretty frequently and at good prices, but I don't know how hard it would be to convert it from roll film to pack film (I'm pretty sure it's for Type 42, 47, 48 film, anyway).

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