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Thread: Large Format Digital Scanner Camera

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    Large Format Digital Scanner Camera

    Do the stripes come from gravity? In other words, does gravity pull in the same direction as the scanner scans? Try turning the scanner on it's side so that gravity pulls against the guide rails. I haven't built one of these, so I'm just guessing.

    There used to be a scanner sized to scan polaroid photos, I almost bought one many years ago with this same idea. I think that scanner was made by HP and sold for around $50.

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    Large Format Digital Scanner Camera

    No gravity should have no effect on this particular scanner since it is designed to be used flat on a tabletop and vertically.

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    Large Format Digital Scanner Camera

    For those interested in this subject:

    Michael Golembewski's, "The Scanner Photography Project" disappeared from the web some time ago. His descriptions of how these scanners work and the modifications were and again are excellent. A few days ago, I found his site has been mirrored on the web at:

    Also, anyone who wants to build one of these, the info and comments on staft's thread on the subject here are very enlightening!

    I am also continuing to add notes on the subject at:

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    Large Format Digital Scanner Camera

    Hey everyone

    I have just finished building my large format digital camera. It is similar to staft's and jvh's, with a modified Canon LiDE 25 capturing the images. The lens is a 270mm Rodenstock APO-gerogon S, which allows me use the whole of the scanner for image capture. The body is made out of foam board and sealed with opaque tape.

    I hope to get some pics of the camera and some of the images I've made up on the site soon - all the talk and pics inspired me to make my camera so I want to share the results with everyone.

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    Large Format Digital Scanner Camera

    I am posting some updated information on a new thread. jvh

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