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Thread: Windy grass

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    Windy grass

    Shown this in a different context I would not have identified it as a pinhole image. It has a classic abstract quality; wonderful image.

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    Windy grass

    can you nominate someone else's work for the calendar? I think this is outstanding.

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    Windy grass

    I agree entirely with paulbeard, this is a wonderful example of an image becoming a visual skeuomorph, intentional or otherwise, the result iis stunning.

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    Windy grass

    Very nice. Beautiful colours and tonality.

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    Windy grass

    this is a shot i constantly take and it never comes out to my satisfaction. yours is supurb. youve come amazingly close to having that perfect pow of complementary colors.

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    Windy grass

    Spectacular color. This is a gorgeous image. Nice work!

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    Windy grass

    Beautiful. Being a complete neophyte to pinhole photography I am finding myself absolutely amazed at the different potentials of lensless imaging. This particular image is another eye-opener for me.

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    Windy grass

    Thanks - this image is a tipping point for my work - while most of it has been more respresentational and traditional, this piece is more abstract and now I am working on fleshing this theme out.

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    Windy grass

    Monet might have painted this

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    Windy grass

    Beautiful. Nicely composed, just enough "detail", and wonderful color.

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