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Thread: Laser at 9 zone sieve

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    Laser at 9 zone sieve

    Ok Moot. Good idea!
    Don't have a Galilean telescope but I shot the laser at the sieve serveral different ways.
    This is the best with the 90mm F/128 9 zones.

    I tried spreading the beam with a 9mm eyepiece but those shots came out as
    fuzzy patches (too great a divergence angle? moved during exposure?).

    APX 400 in F09 1+40 for 7 minutes. Attached files

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    Laser at 9 zone sieve

    Hah! Cool interference pattern - looks like a star!

    I don't know what the divergence angle from the eyepiece would do. I was thinking that the telescope would work as a beam spreader with the exit beam parallel and coherent, but there might well have been something wrong with that assumption too.

    Thanks for performing the experiment anyway. I really had no idea what to expect and I'm pretty impressed with the result.

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    Laser at 9 zone sieve

    These are amazing. I have no idea how you're doing it, but keep doing it, willya?

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    Laser at 9 zone sieve

    this is my new yantra.

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    Laser at 9 zone sieve

    Looks a little like a Grateful Dead sun... it's a cool image!

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    Laser at 9 zone sieve

    There could be strange modal artifacts in cheap lasers made for non-scientific applications. (Beam properties).

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    Laser at 9 zone sieve

    fantastic image.

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    Laser at 9 zone sieve

    I have NO idea what you guys are doing here (thats nothing new, my wife thinks I'm an idiot wrapped in a moron) but I think the resultant image is very cool, like a deep space object!

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