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Thread: new polaroid

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    new polaroid

    as i have just discovered this site and this thread, can you shed some light on which film and which polaroid camera was used.

    or if there is another thread with more information i would appreciate knowing how to find it, thanks.

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    new polaroid

    it all started here:

    then took a turn here:

    and thats what happened!

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    new polaroid


    so, one could expose a slide to 667 in the normal manner.
    let it process, and then pull apart and place the negstive section on glass, or let it start to develop and place it on glass rather than paper as one would do with a transfer?

    am going to give this a try,.
    cool stuff

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    new polaroid

    you could do it like a regular transfer but i think you would have to do it in the dark so as not to fog the development. for mine i let the polaroid process like normally (60 seconds) before i stuck the neg to the glass

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    new polaroid

    I don't think this would work well with an early peel -- no place for the unexposed silver to go (normally it winds up in the print), so the image would probably turn a uniform black over a relatively short period of time.

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