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Thread: more pixel with shaking ccd

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    more pixel with shaking ccd

    As you know , canon sold millions of lenses with antivibration units. Than minolta made a difference and put the antivibration unit in to the cameras body . by this way you can use oem lenses without antivibration unit.
    And as you know if you want to get high res image from poor ccd , you have to
    1- take multiple shots and stack them as astrophotography
    2- you have to move the ccd and scan the projected image generally slowly.
    if you vibrate the ccd artifically for to compensate the vibration , you did the second rule. you change the position of the ccd .
    may be this can be used to get scanned image or this can be used tư fill the empty spaces between pixels.

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    Mustafa Umut Sarac

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    more pixel with shaking ccd

    Jenoptik (among others) did this years ago. They shift the CCD by one pixel in 4 directions to get a higher resolution.

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