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    120 question

    I have used the graflex, the mamiya 67, and am sure the graphic 620 will work for adapting polaroids to 120... I wonder if there are any other backs that might work. I had heard once that there was a plastic back coming out of china to fit roll film cameras then I never heard any more about it.

    So do you know of anything else that would work. Attached files

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    120 question

    the camera above got whored up when I was in a mood one day...

    Attached files

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    120 question

    For those of you who don't know this retro cat, he turns Polaroids inside out, on a budget...realistically inspiring, unlike the microeconomic bubble Polaroid economies currently marketed.

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    120 question

    Shucks im just a humble butcher of cameras... Polaroid actually had the best frames to build on and they are still cheap.

    You can usually find a good metal frame later model polaroid cheap and a retro lens that is off a leaky bellows camera. then match them up.

    the problem is the film back. I build my own for cut film, but the roll film ones cost more thay the rest of the camera build put together. So if you know where to get a really cheap back please let me know.

    I took a better look and realized that I moved that lens to a different frame so The whored up version is on a 250 frame not a 100 frame. Its pretty much the same camera except for the viewfinder.

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    120 question

    I've done one of those. What lens is that on yours?


    EDIT: Oh, I've just read it's a Kodak!! Is that a 127mm? Mine is a Zeiss Anastigmat from 110mm from a Zeiss Nettar which was beyond repair. Attached files

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    120 question

    Im working on a polaroid converted to 2x3 view cam now.

    It swings it tilts it crawls on its belly like a reptile...]

    I have a room full of conversions. Most are to cut file since the film backs are so expensive.

    AS for the kodak, it is something close to 127 I never can figure out what those 116 lenses are. I just bought another one for my new build it is an ansco 116 with torn bellows. Thats how to get a cheap lens.

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