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Thread: new build

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    new build

    Unlike the daylight contact printer I keep threatening to build, I have begun work on my next camera project. I have gutted and chopped on a polaroid pack frame and now im ready to start making somethng from it. The lightweight plastic lens board is hanging by the bellows since I removed the struts. I had to they were broken. So now I'm torn as to were to go with it next.

    A sheet film back for sure which size I'm not sure. Im thinking maybe a mini view cam in 2x3. My problem is that I have never given it any thought. Any ideas how i can mount the front lens board so that it will swing and tilt.

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    new build

    Hardware store window (casement?) hardware or hinged lid hardware.

    Two sets gives you a front standard to mount a new lensboard (size as needed).

    I just found some more at a Big Lots.

    There is a slotted type that is usable alone and a pivotting type that might work in combination.

    They're kind of big for 2x3, but might give an idea for your own construction.

    Some of the old 5x7 field cameras had a simple looking frame, kind of a double gimbal that allows independent horizontal & vertical twist of the front of the bellows.

    I'll tryto shoot some hdw pics

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    new build

    murry thanks for the henge idea would this work

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    new build

    i saw some designs for front and it looks like simple u shaped metal bar hooked the the lens bard with bolts so it adjust for tilts the u hooked to the track with a single bolt so that it swings will do better . But thanks for the ideas probably the one you had anyway

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    new build

    I gave a little thought to using the little ball head from an UltraPod mini-tripod. You'd get the added benefit of yaw, although you'd have to make up what the benefit actually is

    I've been slowly working on a monorail that uses friction lid supports to hold the standards. One would be pretty wobbly. Another half-baked idea was a clothespin (the curvy kind with a slot) and a longish sliding bolt from the standard.

    Murray, I'm very curious about the window hardware you mentioned, and excitedly very curious about any camera materials to be found at Big Lots

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    new build

    This is the easiest thing I could come up with and will be assembling it today I think after I made and develop one shot i Promised to do.
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    new build

    unfinished ideas...

    Image 86 = friction lid mechanism? hardware removed allows additional variations

    Image 88 was an accidental purchase, but for $1, I can do something with it.

    Image 89 is intended to be a magnetic base

    image 90 is super-magnets epoxied into dowel-cut holes, but I have problems with epoxy and smooth cames out already...sticks to base

    image 91 is concentric threaded insert, wood screw outer, 4-40 machine screw inner

    image 92 is homebrew thumb screw...4-40 brass screw, knurled brass 'thumb nut' and clear epoxy

    image 94 is rear view of front standard made from left over picture frame moulding...ok for pinhole, perhaps tiny lenses.

    image 97 is front, supposed to be done LAST July 4 but I lost it in the garage Attached files

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    new build

    more images

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    new build

    somewhere I have the pieces stuck together...

    two of those slotted piecesmounted on a third slotted piece ...this allows rise/fall, tilt and shift, and radical displacement by magnetic reposition.

    This was for a Polaroid 95B I amputated too many front end parts won't fold back up with all that stuff added Attached files

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    new build

    Much neater than I do..... then again Im a butcher lol... Im waiting on a lens now for mine. It swing and tits I can get some rise but I didn't design the bed low enough to get fall. Im going to fix that on the next one this is just a prototype anyway.

    I put the bed on top of the 1x2 that is attached to the camera. It should have went on the bottom that would have given me a min of 3/4 inch fall. Its still a fun build. I painted this again but its where i am waiting for the lens to arrive.

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