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Thread: new build

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    new build

    The view cam is complete and the lens arrived today. I tested it for light tight and the lens for its ability to work and focus close. Tomorrow I actually shoot pictures.

    I should state that I stuck a lens from an ansco 116 on it. The lens was new enough to have a moving front element so it will focus down to about a food without any other lens.

    I will stick one on when it is done.

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    new build

    this is the finished view cam. the color just looks like this under the flash in real life it is strealth charcoal colored. Please note the innovative and sophisticated technology of the lens board holders. (thats a joke)

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    new build

    one last shot

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    new build

    This is a shot out my back door using the view cam I just built. I guess it is a simi view since it only swings and tilts. I had been trying all day to test it but one thing after another went wrong. Finally I just pointed it out the back door. I can usually judge a lens by the mortar lines in my neighbor's house.

    Now when I learn how to use it, I am all set. Attached files

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