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Thread: Wooden camera

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    Wooden camera

    I recently finished my first completely selfmade camera. Its made of cherrywood with a brass pinhole, the shutter is a bolt. Negatives are 45mm long, the 35mm film is exposed including the perforation. Focal length is 35mm, f180. Light leak protection is black leather. Film transport has to be estimated, film can be wound forward and backward free.

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    Wooden camera

    Great looking camera, petronius. Such a nice simple design and beautifully executed. The oversized knobs gives it a very unique look. Well done.

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    Wooden camera

    Wow........heavy duty!

    Sweet design and I expecially like the bolt shutter.

    Good job, now let's see some shots!

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    Wooden camera

    Petronius, this is sweet! I love the simple, rugged design. This camera would probably withstand considerable abuse and be none the worse for wear. If we had a competition for the most abused camera that still worked, your design would be a top contender.

    Now, looking forward to some images.

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    Wooden camera

    Great... I love the square winders. Fred would approve, too.

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    Wooden camera

    Very cool...historic looking...perhaps European medieval.

    I can see a photographer hauling cameras by ox cart, stopping at a tavern for mead or such, but the lighting is too dim to record any of the bustle within.

    Unfortunately, the camera is only a camera obscura photo chemistry doesn't exist yet... :O(

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    Wooden camera

    I love the shutter - it's so imposing that no light would dare leak past it!

    Nice job!

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    Wooden camera

    Quote Originally Posted by murrayatuptowngallery
    Unfortunately, the camera is only a camera obscura photo chemistry doesn't exist yet... :O(

    Or possibly it did!! Have a look at this:


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    Wooden camera

    Chunky, built like a brick out house, I love it, great sturdy design Petronius looking forward to the photographs.

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