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Thread: Flowers

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    nice one. you will have to let me know how you get the clouds to stand still for you. mine are always blowing in and out of my frame :P


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    Just when you think you can't do anything else with daisies, you see a wonderful creation such as this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by earlj
    sorry, mary, you were right, and I was wrong. I just have to get to know my flowers better. I have coneflowers in my yard, but the susies are only at the local park. Maybe it's time to grow them myself.
    The colors were all in my mind's eye, anyway. So what they "really" are doesn't really matter ;D They could just have easily been purple!
    I think the red filter effects and the dramatic dark sky were what I was trying to get a handle on. Others did a better job of describing/interpreting this wonderful photo

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    Amazing photo.. Thanks.. This one will keep us all on our toes for another year at least!

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    The whole image jumps right out. Very dramatic.

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    Now that has to be one of the finest images I have seen on here - period!

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    great tonal range in your picture

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    simply stunning! wow!

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