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Thread: Wooden Camera 6x6

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    Wooden Camera 6x6

    Built of compressed wood, 5mm in thickness. Format is 6x6cm, focal length 45mm. An old M42 screwmount is fitted to the front of the camera, so I can use my bodycap-pinholes (f220, f320, f450). A red window from a dead Agfa Click is glued into the back. The shutter is a magnetic paperholder on a metal ring.

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    Wooden Camera 6x6

    Elegantly simple and neat. That's the way a photographer's camera should be made.

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    Wooden Camera 6x6

    what do you use to go into the the slot on the spool? i may try my hand at camera building so i can get a 6x12 or 6x17!

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    Wooden Camera 6x6

    eddie, Icutted a piece of wood to fit into the spool-slot and glued a wing nut around the wood. Light leak prevention by using black leather.

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    Wooden Camera 6x6

    Who needs a Zero if you can build one of these? Very nice. My hat is off to you camera builders, especially after having one from Ralph Young to use.

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    Wooden Camera 6x6

    very nice

    How do you get all the inside measurements to get a 6x6 photo and to position the red window?

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