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Thread: Cigar Box 120 Pinhole Camera

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    Cigar Box 120 Pinhole Camera

    Hi Folks,

    have been inspired by many of you bodgers/artisans here at f295 to create my own pinhole cam.

    I took a nice looking (smells good too) compact cigarbox that was slightly larger than a beat-up rollex 120 roll-film-back I bought on ebay. I spent a while puzzling how to snuggly marry the back to the cigar box and eventualy constructed an open ended box that would slip inside of the cigar box. This was then epoxyed directly to the roll film back.

    The rollfilm back had a stickered arrow from the previous owner indicating that i should advance the film in the opposite direction to that which was embossed on the metal by the manufacturers. For the first load i ignored this and my first film came out very scratched. However after a spell in the darkroom i was happy to see that exposure looked good despite my relience on the old "elephant" counting method. For the second film I followed the stickers advice and came out with no scratches. It looks like there is a little light leak or internal reflection but hopefully my liberal use of matt-black paint has put an end to that.

    Perhaps the previous owner switched the gears in the film back as suggested in a response to Wimple's post -

    Will post the contact prints in the next post.
    Thanks for the inspiration!



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    Cigar Box 120 Pinhole Camera

    Here's the first contact sheet (scratched).
    Images are of the harbour at Ullapool in the NW Highlands of Scotland.
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    Cigar Box 120 Pinhole Camera

    nice looker.

    nice taker

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    Cigar Box 120 Pinhole Camera

    Very clever. Very nicely done. The images look good too.


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    Cigar Box 120 Pinhole Camera

    Way cool. Bet it feels good to hold, too.

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    Cigar Box 120 Pinhole Camera

    That's very nice: good looking camera that takes nice images.

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    Cigar Box 120 Pinhole Camera

    What a great idea. It is gorgeous. Best of luck with your new camera!

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    Cigar Box 120 Pinhole Camera

    Thanks for the encouragement. Will take her out for a spin again soon and hopefully the take-up and light leak problems will be solved.


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    Cigar Box 120 Pinhole Camera

    I'd be interested in finding out how the previous owner managed to unblock winding in the other direction. At the moment I have stopped using my back because it seems impossible to me to shoot a roll and not fogging nearly every exposure ;(

    Nice shots, by the way. I enjoy the detail in the sky.

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    Cigar Box 120 Pinhole Camera

    nice looking camera you've got there... if your test roll is anything to go by you're going to be turning out some really cool pics pretty soon !

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